Succulents & Begonias

begonias and succulents


Succulents and Begonias
Saturday, January 22
1:00-4:00 pm

Winter offers us a measly dearth of foliage and greenery - so we often find ourselves in the greenhouse, cutting from heirloom begonias and succulents to ritz up our arrangements. The silvery and textured greens these two very different species share makes an ideal backdrop for the delicate winter blooms we love - amaryllis, ranunculus, anemones, etc. The class will learn about growing indoor plants for cutting, and each student will create their own winter masterpiece.

The class meets at Nicolette's studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
50-52 Dobbin St
Brooklyn NY 11222

All classes are limited to 10 students, unless otherwise noted.
Clippers will be provided and are a gift to take with you.
Of course, class will finish with a refreshments.

Payments accepted through Paypal.
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