prepping for succulent/begonia class




Nicolette and I like to joke that we are professional shoppers. Sort of true, when you consider how much time we spend sourcing and hunting down prime material for our studios and classes. Yesterday we drove out to Peace Tree Farm to visit Lloyd, Candy and Stephanie and their beautiful nursery. We scored a few good trays of succulent plugs, a beautiful Phlebodium aureum fern(silvery blue!), and some begonias. Lloyd was on the Martha Stewart Show recently to talk about his amazing heirloom begonia varieties, and I'm convinced that's why his hot house was rather decimated! Begonias gone VIRAL! Still - we were able to pull a few great plants for cutting, and most importantly we got some good leads from Lloyd on sourcing hellebores and auriculas (hot on the trail and getting closer) for the spring...